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    Vignerons, we are proud to offer products of artisans, with a real structure, matter and aromatic complexity. But our wines and armagnacs are above all festive, fruity and easy.

    Our history :
    The saga begins in 1927, when Paul and Marguerite Gessler decide to leave their native Switzerland to settle in Gascony. These pioneers fall in love with a little corner of Gers: Joÿ. In their wasteland, the land returns to life by their work: the vines are taken again, the cereals sown again and a herd of cows is constituted. Quickly, Paul understands that the nature of the soils and the exposure of the hillsides are favorable to the development of wines and armagnacs of quality. The first armagnac of the Gessler family was distilled in 1929.
    In 1946, André Gessler, son of Paul, and his wife Veronique, settled in their turn on the farm, plant new vines and thus constitute a vineyard of 20 hectares. André, with the same precursor spirit as his father, works on the selection of grape varieties (including Colombard and Gros Manseng) and participates in the foundation of a wine growers' association to improve the quality of gascogne wines.
    In 1975, Roland, then in 1980, Olivier, the sons of André, also settled on the property. They gradually abandon the cultivation of cereals to concentrate on viticulture. Year after year, they develop the vineyard by planting new grape varieties such as muscadelle or red grape varieties. They expand the facilities and acquire modern winemaking tools such as a stemmer and a pneumatic press.
    Today, the 4th generation is on the move, Vanessa Gessler, Olivier's daughter, settled in early 2014 and Kévin Gessler arrived in 2015. Gaël, son of Roland, joined the family estate At the end of that year.

    Our name :
    Contrary to what one could imagine, Joÿ is not a marketing creation! This is the name of the domain that has been traced in notarial writings dating from the Revolution. The origin of this name probably dates back to the English presence in the region in the 14th century. The Gascon troubadours of the Middle Ages used this word to translate the "sentiment in love".

    Our vineyard:
    Twelve people cultivate, harvest and vinify our production on 150 hectares of vines of 25 years of age on average.
    White vines occupy an important part of our plantations. Colombard, Ugni-Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay flourish in the south-facing hills surrounding our farm. The Manseng (Gros and Petit) imported from the neighboring region of Jurançon, is particularly pleased with our clay sands in the west of Gascony. It develops a sustained acidity that combines nicely with the natural sweetness of these grape varieties for a sugar / acid balance of the most refreshing!
    This acidity is also very important for the finesse of our Bas-Armagnacs made from Bacco, Ugni-Blanc and Folle Blanche grapes.
    10 hectares of black grape varieties -Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Tannat- allow us to produce our red and rosé wines.

    Our ethics:
    Heirs to a fabulous ecological heritage, we strive to preserve our environment. Thus a certification "Agriculture raisonné" has validated our cultivation practices for 10 years. These practices use common sense: in the vine, we use fertilizers and plant protection products only if they are necessary (on the recommendations of the health monitoring institute) and at the right dose. At the cellar, we prefer cold protection or isolating our wines from oxygen from the air thanks to inert gases, rather than the systematic use of sulfur preservatives.

    Our philosophy:
    Vignerons, we are proud to offer products of artisans, with a real structure, matter and aromatic complexity. But our wines and armagnacs are above all festive, fruity and easy.

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    Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items