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    Château Ducru-Beaucaillou is so named because of the beautiful (and large) stones characteristics of its unique wine-growing terroir. This exceptional ecosystem produces fine wines, elegant, tasty, with a long finish; in short, archetypal wines of Saint-Julien.

    Perched on an exceptional terroir site with a spectacular view over the estuary of the Gironde, placed in the middle of an old park, Ducru-Beaucaillou is a majestic castle, Victorian became over time one of the great symbols of the Médoc . Original way to Bordeaux, it is built directly above the barrel cellars allowing its owners who actually live for more than sixty years of being constantly bathed in the sumptuous aromas of their wine.
    The property is now managed by the company Jean Eugène Borie SA, which is owned by Mrs Borie, her daughter Sabine Bonnet and his son Bruno-Eugène who runs since 2003 and represents the 3rd generation Borie to head the field.
    There are strong and very deep links between this area and the five families who were the successive owners.

    The Bergeron family

    The estate dates back to the early thirteenth century. Property of the Bergeron family since 1720, he quickly gained a reputation in France and abroad, to the point of welcoming at that time of the Scandinavian visitors: the Municipal Archives of Bordeaux dating from the revolution show that a sword and a pistol were confiscated by the authorities to passing Swedes the castle at that time.

    The Ducru family

    The property was sold in 1795 to Bertrand Ducru who added his name to that of the castle which then became "Ducru-Beaucaillou." Ducru entrusted to the Parisian architect Paul Abadie renovation of the house. This turned it into a "chartreuse" style Directoire adding one floor and an elegant façade facing the Gironde estuary east side, where the intense maritime traffic of the 18th century offered the spectacle of a canvas always lively marine.


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